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A brilliant and lyrical thought by a dear friend!


The illusionist said, to the curious seeker,
To know this trick, you have to look deeper,
For it is my job, to show you what is not,
So you don’t get to see, how I got what I got.

So don’t look closely at the dart when I say,
And don’t say boldly that you know what I may,
Cause the trick is played with the board not the darts,
The trick is played with you, not the cards.

And o seeker don’t be low when it’s gone,
For it was an illusion that will be back when it’s dawn,
And don’t be sad that the pigeon vanish may,
Cause pigeons don’t vanish in a pile or hump of hay.

So learn my friend not to see what is shown.
See my friend not to find what is known.
Find my friend not to teach but to know.
Teach my…

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