About My Blog

My work comprises largely of poems, inspired from my interactions with the world I see outside and around me, and even more importantly, with the one I experience within my own self.

Most of my compositions revolve around a central emotional theme. The motive of this blog is to bridge the gap between the usual day-today rational and cognitive being with the deep and often neglected emotional self; it is a kind of reconciliation attempt to resolve inner conflicts and attain balance and tranquility. Since I believe the first step towards resolution is acknowledgement and acceptance, I have decided to write a blog.

Most of the poems have a strong emotional base, which may be very obvious and direct in some of the pieces, but subtle in the others. I hope that the meaning that readers derive from my work is unique and personal to them, and that the essence of each poem resonates with everyone.

Though I have mostly written in English, I have also included some compositions in my native languages – Hindi and Urdu. I have not yet undertaken any translation but as soon as I do, I will publish it here.

Enjoy exploring!

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