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I am a poet and writer from Bareilly (India) and Laleh Ashtar is my pen name for the blog. Much like everybody else, I have many hues and shades to my personality, some of which I am still discovering and will continue to throughout my life. I watch the missing colors fill in the spectrum of my life as time passes by, but this exercise to me is more than an accidental discovery of self. I believe in actively seeking and finding myself, and in the process of doing so, I have understood many things not just about my own self, but also about the world and people around me.

My motto in life is Peace, and by that I mean attainment of inner tranquility and calm more than anything else. Of course, I think the outer peace, which everybody – governments, associations, institutions and individuals – professes to spread and strives to establish, is also very important but I believe that charity begins at home, and having said that, it is crucial to resolve inner conflicts – emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical – at a personal level before looking outwards. More importantly, it is an antidote to many ailments – the ones that can be scientifically detected and the ones that are beyond the scientific realm.

I believe in taking life as it comes to me and living in the present moment. While I believe that a regular introspection is healthy and essential, I do not endorse revisiting the past for the sake of digging out mud. I think every experience teaches us something; in fact, I have realized that its the bad ones that give us more valuable and long-lasting lessons than the good ones, and so long as we can take something useful out of them, all is good.

I look at people around me and often wonder how all of them have diverse yet unique stories of their own – one that nobody else understands or can ever understand, one that centers around them making them the ‘heroes’ of their lives. That makes me realize how none of us can ever judge other people because we have never stood in their shoes. Also, it means that nobody is a standard for others to follow, nor should a person try to be like somebody else, because this life is like an examination that most of us would fail if we try to copy others, simply because our sets of questions (circumstances, finances, milieu, philosophy, interests, perspectives, skills etc.) are entirely different.

Contrary to the popular belief, I think it is quite essential to pause from time to time and reflect on one’s progress and direction in life. By pausing, I mean taking a break and thinking, if necessary. Most of us are conditioned to run a rat race to reach a destination, though I personally think that there is no such place as a destination. Most people start out with a target in mind and as they get closer to that target (that is, if all goes in their favor) their boundaries are pushed further and a higher goal is set out before them, and thus the idea of a destination keeps eluding them. I have rarely come across anyone who has settled for what he/she has, with contentment and gratitude. I think it is much more important to enjoy the journey than to reach some illusory end of the highway.

Lastly and most importantly, I believe that instincts never lie. We must try to tap into something I call the Inner Pilot that guides us right, always, that is if we listen to it and trust it.

Before signing off, I will quickly give a brief about myself (sorry, forgot that!!). I am a Physics major by education, and a Marketing professional by career. I have varied interests in varying degrees – I follow some more passionately and fervently than others. I like reading novels, singing, hanging out with close friends, expressing myself and lazing around, besides writing. I am also interested in spiritual growth, psychedelics, geopolitics, religion, social behavior, and psychology. Lastly, I’m a lover of all things beautiful.

Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Dolly Parton


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