Light of life

Where the dawn blossoms over blue horizon
And the winds blow like steeds unleashed

Where the night slumbers when sun is set
And the moon awakens in a strange zeal

Where the sound of silence fills the music
And the dance in jungle stirs all leaves

Where the insects hum a sweet song
And the melody rings through virgin breeze

There, the soul will sink in tranquil waters
And the heart will melt in blissful warmth

For over there, in that peculiar world,
The light of life shines through.

What I want..

I want to lead my life
In a way that
Awakens my Self
And liberates my soul,
Helps me untap
My creative potential,
Brings me closer
To my Creator,
Makes me humble
And deeply thoughtful,
Lets me appreciate
And enjoy nature,
Allows me to focus on
Things that really matter,
Makes me wiser
And more knowledgeable,
Fosters goodness
And boundless positivity,
Eases the resolution
Of my inner conflicts,
Adds meaning to my life
And to what I do,
Lets me contribute to
Those whom I love,
And lastly,
Gives me happiness
And sublime tranquility.

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