A Yearning

Lets spend a day or two
In a hideout..
Tucked away
In a secret paradise,
Away from the noise,
Away from the world.
Lets spend a day or two
How we’d like to spend a lifetime.


If we spoke how we used to,
And laughed
And cried
And thought how we used to,
This distance wouldn’t be so big.

If only we weren’t so close,
I guess,
This distance wouldn’t be so big.

Ended, but not

Today is special
But in a different way
‘Tis an anniversary
But not a happy one
Something did end
But it ended not.
Memory is fresh
But things are sour
A year has passed
But lingers the hour
Something did end
But it ended not.
It comes back crawling
But it should not
Its dead and buried
But really not
Did that something end
Or did it not ?
Maybe not;
Maybe not.

What’s The Fear?

A gal with beauty and fine veneer
Visage serene, manner sincere
Smile so warm, and speech so clear
A shot of mirth, a dose of cheer
Look closer, what you see here?
A wretched soul with mighty fear.

Fear? Is it so what you say?
Oh yes, you’d see her rock and sway
Now near and now away
Getting rigid, giving leeway
Wanting to have it all her way
Yet mellowing down anyway.

What’s the fear? Tell me more
It lies within, at the very core
Locked inside, in safe store.
Only at times, she lets it pour,
Fiercely hunting for the cure
In the ocean, on the shore.

Oh I wonder what’s the reason…
Well you see, she tasted treason;
Onslaught of the bitter season
Gave her dark and deep lesion
Clouded matters and decision,
Blurring all her lucid vision.

Is there more or is that all?
More my dear, out there’s a wall
Rough and barbed, and jagged and tall
What lies ahead is many a fall
Stakes are high and margins small
It was always tough, now I recall.

Oh don’t you riddle! What made her mope?
Her love left when she lit her hope
Broken, she could just not cope
So she stretched her arm to grope
For things that were once in her scope
At last, she won and caught the rope.

Is it so? Then why the jitters?
She knows that he is yet not hers
Trust is weak and doubt just stirs
Negotiations follow every verse
Hopes do gather, but then disperse
She frets all day and drums her fingers.

I see… The concern seems legit
You see, his love has a limit
He will not go beyond to fit
In the frame, and submit.
He’d rather choose to stop and quit
Than lose his pride and his wit.

Does she have any such bar?
Oh yes, though it may sound bizarre
The door of prospect stands ajar.
Bound by laws, whatever they are,
It could just shut on fate star
Dousing her fire, planting a scar.

Well, what about a compromise?
It can be reached if one tries
Both of them weigh the price
– there the lows, here the highs.
What a pity if their love dies!
Mourning will fill the crimson skies.

To My Beloved…

Oh sweet love of mine!
My joy, my hope, my sunshine
Tell me what’s holding you back
Come, cross over the border line.

Reach out when you feel low,
Shout out and let me know
I’ll be patient, I’ll be kind
I’ll stand by if you let me though.

I may not heal but I will understand
So let me in to the forbidden land
What is it that pulls you down?
Don’t you worry, I’ll have your hand.

The fear creeps up on me too
And the dread turns me blue
Then I look around
And in a crowd of many, I see you.

Some things just don’t go away
I know, I feel the same way
We can fix a few of them
For others, lets just hope and pray.

The thing to remember here
Is that you have me, oh dear!
I’ll wait for you to make me
A part of your ache and cheer.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder
How does all the storm and thunder
Cloud our love
And split us asunder.

Then at other times I think
That divine must be our link
Hence we’ve come so far
Miles ahead in a flash and blink!

Dirty Game

Oh how you ravaged my soul!
Charred a deep and bottomless hole
Lost forever is what you stole.
Black with betrayal, bitter with agony
Bleeding to the gloomy symphony,
Shocked, I tremble at rude epiphany.

Oh how you led me into the wonderland!
Of pearls and corals and glistening sand,
Only to pull the cord with your icy hand.
Once molten in the crucible of love,
Now stand I, shaken by your ruthless shove
Can you see a hopelessly battered dove?

Oh how insatiable was your desire!
The longing must have been quite dire
Must not you pay the price for this mire?
Fiery must have been your shenanigans,
Lighting a thousand dazzling summer suns
How merry the laughter, how witty the puns!

Oh how sacred a bond, how novel a connection!
All gambled away for alluring seduction
Who do I blame for sordid dereliction?
A temper too frank, a character too bold
That’s all it took you to hook ‘n hold,
A myriad new dreams to quickly mold.

Oh how gritty a move, how audacious a claim!
Hard to look back and not think it was lame
Now tell me what it would take you to tame.
Inside your charming window to the sea’
I wish it weren’t another lassie, but me
Alas! You reveled in sinful glee – how did it not matter to thee?

Oh how lost is miserable love in darkness!
That veils the mysteries of your madness
And hangs a tease over my sadness.
Afraid you were of breaking not a heart, but two
Thus judged it better to go on and continue.
Now would you have me do the same to you?

Oh how it feels to love and lose!
The same as it does when hell breaks loose,
When around your neck, death puts its noose.
The grand brig sank with all its glory;
You’d only hear sailors talk of its story
– Of mast so high, of tapestry once flory.

Oh dear love!
The ghosts, the shadows and the whispers
Will always lurk on the shelves or in the crispers
Insidious as they gather, hideous as they disperse.
The eyes I knew, devoured another body too,
The warmth I kissed, bathed another soul too,
The fire I saw, lit another heart too.

Ah! A picture once perfect will never be so,
A bond once pure is marred, lo!
You will reap just what you sow.
What claims now and what right?
All trampled down day after night,
Credence pounded by thoughtless might.

Oh the passion, oh the flame!
Doused by your dirty game
Will it ever be the same?
Fancy nests hang hollow,
Wounded heart, scared to wallow,
Addled mind – what to follow?

I forgive you yes, but I will never forget
Time heals maladies, not this I bet
I better move on – how? Not sure yet.
“How will the Wonderland be without Alice?”
Wonder I, gulping treachery from chalice
Hope it is free of lies and your malice.

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