Light of life

Where the dawn blossoms over blue horizon
And the winds blow like steeds unleashed

Where the night slumbers when sun is set
And the moon awakens in a strange zeal

Where the sound of silence fills the music
And the dance in jungle stirs all leaves

Where the insects hum a sweet song
And the melody rings through virgin breeze

There, the soul will sink in tranquil waters
And the heart will melt in blissful warmth

For over there, in that peculiar world,
The light of life shines through.

Wonders of the World

Azure skies and dragonflies
Rain showers and cool bowers
Tall Deodars and twinkling stars
Water stream and pale moonbeam
Are all but wonders of the world.

Fragrant rose and glistening snows
Staple crops and mountain tops
Melodic tunes and sandy dunes
Vibrant blooms and peacock plumes
Are all but wonders of the world.

Sunny rays and winter haze
Red beetles and pink corals
Bee swarms and irate storms
Rocky shields and paddy fields
Are all but wonders of the world.

Sarus crane and lion’s mane
Pristine lakes and rattle snakes
Raspberries and morning breeze
Ocean waves and ancient caves
Are all but wonders of the world.

They’re found all around,
In the heavens, on the ground,
Waiting to delight you
With their beauty so true.

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