Ended, but not

Today is special
But in a different way
‘Tis an anniversary
But not a happy one
Something did end
But it ended not.
Memory is fresh
But things are sour
A year has passed
But lingers the hour
Something did end
But it ended not.
It comes back crawling
But it should not
Its dead and buried
But really not
Did that something end
Or did it not ?
Maybe not;
Maybe not.

The Dialogue

*On Text Message*

Ana, “I am leaving tomorrow.”
Cyril, “Why? What happened??”
“I’ll speak to you tomorrow when you come home.”
“Ermmm… Is everything fine at home?”
“Yes. I’ll tell you later.”
“Ok, if you say so.. But I’ll be anxious the whole night if you don’t tell me.”
“You’ve been lying to me all this while.”
“About what?”
“Rack your brains and you’ll know.”
“Don’t you act so innocent. You know exactly what I’m talking about.”
“Oh so you are snooping around in my iPad. Don’t Ana… You’ll find what you’re looking for.”
“Well, thanks for the advice! But its a little too late now.”
No Response

Chasing the Autumn Wish

A wish dawned early in an autumn morning,
A lively inspiration from a secret yearning.
I lay in bed, my eyes wide open
Head buzzing and chest heaving.
Little did I care how the hues would change
The autumn was knocking, it felt so strange.
The streaks of yellow and the patches of brown
Painted the bustling labyrinths of town.
The wanderer in me woke up at the hint
Of a sweet invite, laced with a tinge of mint.
The breeze that bore the message so bold
Blew all the way over the mines of gold.
I must leave tomorrow, I decided
At the crack of dawn, hopeful and guided.
The time slipped fast and soon I set off,
Riding on the high of dark, malty quaff.
The sun shone weak on the misty woodlands,
The trees swayed pretty on the dreamy highlands.
The magic of scenery pulled the right string
Not wasting another moment, I jumped right in.
I planned and plotted, and prayed and prowled
The dusky terrains where the beasts growled.
I knew my prize was somewhere close
– The buzz was louder, the rush was more.
The owls hooted, and the lions roared
The snakes slithered, and the dragons soared.
On and on, as I fiercely advanced
Over the swamps, the fireflies danced.
I walked and ran, and ran and walked
Charting my course, my plan was chalked.
I was near, of that I was sure
But just then a thud hit the floor.
Its deafening sound echoed through the woods,
And wolves howled amok from their dark hoods.
Thereafter, a spooky silence fell over
Stillness around, not even a slight stir.
I froze in horror and sank in despair
Clutching at my chest, I breathed some air.
The eerie moon shone pale yellow that night
– That night of trial and endless fright.
How far I had come, I couldn’t believe
It was then too late to fret and grieve.
I did realize that maybe I was lost;
By then it was winter, cold and frost.
Frigid, I slumped against an old oak
I saw no fire, but there was smoke.
It stung my eyes and choked my throat
While my mind kept playing a melancholic note.
The winter just dragged in a sad lull,
The walk back home was slow and dull.
I slept one night cursing the autumn wish,
Hoping that the jinxed journey would soon finish.
There came another morning right after that
I woke up and saw my town as I sat
Up on the mound of earth
And anxiety gave way to mirth.
I reached, at last, in the mad maze
Of my mad town, where the sun rays
Hit the populace
In all their grace.
Maybe the spring was coming…
I guess I was gone for too long
Not to worry, no, because I came out strong.
I rushed back home,
I didn’t want to roam.
Not anymore, you see
For the chase had cost me
A good night’s sleep and a dozen more things.
I’d rather stay home and enjoy all springs
Than be out there in the land of unknowns,
In the pool of mud, or on the pile of stones.
I know the wanderer in me is still alive,
Only now it thinks before taking a dive.

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