Ended, but not

Today is special
But in a different way
‘Tis an anniversary
But not a happy one
Something did end
But it ended not.
Memory is fresh
But things are sour
A year has passed
But lingers the hour
Something did end
But it ended not.
It comes back crawling
But it should not
Its dead and buried
But really not
Did that something end
Or did it not ?
Maybe not;
Maybe not.

I think I know…

Looking within and looking around,
Soaring high and walking the ground
Where have I come, what’ve I found?
I think I know the answer,
Or at least I’d like to think I do
But do I really know it,
Or is this feeling of mine not so true?
Delusion is a sweet charmer
– An ocean of great many depths
You’d think you are way past it
But there, don’t be sure of that bit.
I hate to think of what may be
That I dismissed so confidently,
Or that I didn’t think of at all
The matters of big and those of small.
Where are all these people heading?
By God, they seem so sure!
I guess they must be then
Trying to make their fate secure.
I’m not any other, I’m only me
Trotting my path, making a journey.
The road ahead is very long
Branching into alleys of right and wrong.
I think I know where I am going
Or at least I’d like to think I do
I better be right about it
For the graces of luck are only few.

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