To My Beloved…

Oh sweet love of mine!
My joy, my hope, my sunshine
Tell me what’s holding you back
Come, cross over the border line.

Reach out when you feel low,
Shout out and let me know
I’ll be patient, I’ll be kind
I’ll stand by if you let me though.

I may not heal but I will understand
So let me in to the forbidden land
What is it that pulls you down?
Don’t you worry, I’ll have your hand.

The fear creeps up on me too
And the dread turns me blue
Then I look around
And in a crowd of many, I see you.

Some things just don’t go away
I know, I feel the same way
We can fix a few of them
For others, lets just hope and pray.

The thing to remember here
Is that you have me, oh dear!
I’ll wait for you to make me
A part of your ache and cheer.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder
How does all the storm and thunder
Cloud our love
And split us asunder.

Then at other times I think
That divine must be our link
Hence we’ve come so far
Miles ahead in a flash and blink!

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