Eternal Dent

What is it like to fall into a dark emotional abyss, and be left there to suffer alone? How does it feel to fall from grace? This is a poem on being the victim, on being betrayed.

With every surge of anger
And every pang of jealousy,
I’ve fallen..
I’ve fallen face first into a pit,
Have lain at bottom
For days in dark,
Choking, and broken
Like shards of glass;
Face down in mud
– Silent, but screaming.
What do you know my suffering?

With every bout of grief
And every shred of doubt,
I’ve sunken..
I’ve sunken deep into waters,
Have lain on bed
For days in dark,
Choking, and broken
Like shards of shell;
Face down in sand
– Silent, but weeping.
What do you know my suffering?

If only I could,
I would make you pay
Put you in spot,
Give you death by your blow.
If only I could,
I would strike you back,
Return what you sent
– A bad eternal dent.

Wishful Escape

Come, we’ll fly away into the yonder,
Spread our royal wings
And leave a world behind.
We’ll disappear into the horizon,
Where the blueness of sky
Blends into the blueness of sea,
Where all become one
All become unity,
The place of no differences
Where all become free.
Come, we’ll find another world,
Where exists nothing, but


If we spoke how we used to,
And laughed
And cried
And thought how we used to,
This distance wouldn’t be so big.

If only we weren’t so close,
I guess,
This distance wouldn’t be so big.

Ended, but not

Today is special
But in a different way
‘Tis an anniversary
But not a happy one
Something did end
But it ended not.
Memory is fresh
But things are sour
A year has passed
But lingers the hour
Something did end
But it ended not.
It comes back crawling
But it should not
Its dead and buried
But really not
Did that something end
Or did it not ?
Maybe not;
Maybe not.

Light of life

Where the dawn blossoms over blue horizon
And the winds blow like steeds unleashed

Where the night slumbers when sun is set
And the moon awakens in a strange zeal

Where the sound of silence fills the music
And the dance in jungle stirs all leaves

Where the insects hum a sweet song
And the melody rings through virgin breeze

There, the soul will sink in tranquil waters
And the heart will melt in blissful warmth

For over there, in that peculiar world,
The light of life shines through.


Small pieces of colored glass
A pair of trinkets
Postcards –
All coveted treasures of
Jana’s dreams.
Oh sweet Jana, little Jana
Holy cherub of soul pristine!
One amid the swarm of angels,
Ricocheting in
Dusty alleys,
A jolly world at her playful feet
In sunny evening summer breeze.
Rosy child with rouge lips
Fragility of cotton candy
Coolness of popsicles
Hair like dark ebony.
What harm could this cherub do?
One would say
For those soft curls don’t tell lies
Nor does sun lighting those eyes.
Her eyes…
A cradle of dreams
Those glossy dreams
Tiny dreams
Like dew drops
By night streams,
Yet untouched
By dirt and mud
Yet unnerved
By guns and blood.
Yet someday
The dirt will spatter
When the dew be trodden
By civilized men,
Yet someday
The guns will chatter
When the child be told off
By decorous men,
For, to men of honor
She ain’t no different.
She’s a threat as much as
Any of her peculiar kind
An object of caution,
Shallow, unrefined.
A savage, a crude
In need of being renewed.
So she must vow allegiance
And prove her worth
To undo the crime
Of her innocent birth.


Lies, lies, lies
Dig around
You’ll find them, lies.
Fat dark lies
Wrapped in sheets of white,
Ugly truth
Painted to look right.

The pride of powerful
The sword of mighty
The bitter tales that
Burn many a city,
Yet they are sought
Yet consumed
By the very men whom
They consume,
Its a rat trap
Set on the rat brains
These lies.

The seeds of hatred
The seeds of discord
Sown so a few
Can reap a reward,
While the millions suffer
And the millions die
At the hands of those
Slick and sly,
Its a rat trap
Set on the rat brains
These lies.

The fodder of hungry
The food of plebeian
A child digs into
His portion of poison,
Though unaware of
Grave deception
Lulling in arms
Of sweet delusion,
Its a rat trap
Set on the rat brains
These lies.

The merchants of lies
May lure the eyes,
The traders of lies
May trick the eyes
But we got to
Rise above the guise
The trap
The rat trap
Set on our rat brains
These lies.


There goes my head swimming away
Into the light waves of shining yellow,
Calm tranquility descends upon earth
Enveloping all worries in fuzzy mellow.
The breeze caresses my warm cheeks
And takes along a whirlwind of leaves;
Exasperated, I run and chase after
The elusive beauty like wretched thieves.
But the devious thing waltzes higher
Above to unveil a sight more majestic
– Sultry round moon lazes idly amid
Dark clouds like empress of ecliptic.
My weightless body now glides through,
Drawing in closer to the sound of music,
The ripples of happiness ignite my being
With some mysterious magical trick.
Oh I swear Divine Providence knows!
For He sends forth a stellar downpour,
Unleashing His wonder on fiery souls
And leaving all asking for nothing more.
The beaming faces flock together to
Dance and drench in rain of euphoria,
Turning themselves in to the charge
Of pulsating beats of electronic genre.
Off we sail away into the ocean of unity
– A distant sea with no bounds or ends,
This world is a beautiful place wherein
Friends are friends and foes are friends.

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